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Today we are unveiling something we have been working on for a while now and are excited to finally share. We’ve completely revamped our web application from the ground up on a solid foundation that will support us through the next chapter of our story.

Campaign Search

You can finally search for campaigns right from Not much needs to be said about how obviously important this is, and makes the experience from a promoter perspective so much better.

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The latest research report on the BSV ecosystem was released by FundStrat last month. The report shines light on the wide range of industries that are showing active development on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. TonicPow was one of the companies highlighted for what we think are some pretty great, no-nonsense reasons:

  • Enhanced transparency for advertisers as clicks and conversion
    metrics are recorded on the BSV blockchain.
  • Facilitate incentive-based advertising campaigns for business
    use cases by leveraging BSV micro-transaction capability
  • Blockchain facilitates real-time payouts for promoters and real-time reporting for advertisers.

To read the full PDF report, click here

While the…

Today we’re releasing a new service for existing TonicPow users. It’s a simple url shortener with a unique twist…

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Imagine you create a link to something cool and share it on social media. The next day, the website you linked to sees the traffic in their analytics dashboard and decides to check out TonicPow. If they end up creating a campaign associated with that url, those links you posted online will automatically start paying you!

Feel free to use it as an everyday url shortener. When you do, a reference is made making you eligible for any clickthrough payments to…

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We have begun testing our latest product, and will soon be inviting everyone to try it out. With conversion goals, you can build social advertising campaigns that encourage promoters to drive their followers to complete specific outcomes within your application. You set the individual payout rates for these goals, and promoters shopping for partners will see them on your offer listing.

How It Works

This concept was first described while in Bali for Cambrian SV. We used Twetch, who was also in attendance, as an example:

Twetch currently sells “dark mode” on their platform for $1. With Conversion Goals, they…

What started as an award winning project in the first ever Bitcoin Association hackathon is growing up fast. Since then, a lot has changed, and the future is looking bright for TonicPow.

Last month, we participated in Cambrian SV. It’s a Bitcoin developer event that took place in Bali, Indonesia.

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There we laid the groundwork for something that we are officially unveiling today. It allows advertisers to offer bounties for their product or service. Anyone can be a promoter and share the offering to their audience. Just create an offer and fund it with BSV. …


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