TonicPow highlighted in latest FundStrat report

2 min readAug 31, 2020

The latest research report on the BSV ecosystem was released by FundStrat last month. The report shines light on the wide range of industries that are showing active development on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. TonicPow was one of the companies highlighted for what we think are some pretty great, no-nonsense reasons:

  • Enhanced transparency for advertisers as clicks and conversion
    metrics are recorded on the BSV blockchain.
  • Facilitate incentive-based advertising campaigns for business
    use cases by leveraging BSV micro-transaction capability
  • Blockchain facilitates real-time payouts for promoters and real-time reporting for advertisers.

To read the full PDF report, click here

While the report provides a good cross-section of some industries that stand to benefit from the developments happening in the BSV ecosystem, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of other verticals seeing development on Bitcoin SV. While some of the companies listed here are mentioned briefly in the report, we thought we would compile a list of some of our favorites in the space:


Data Archive



MetaStore, Agora, Open Directory


BSV App Testers, Gemscape, Obsurv



Mysterious Stealth Startup


Network Services


Node Services

Matter Cloud, Planaria

Social Media

CityOnChain, PowPing, Twetch

Video Conferencing

Video Streaming / Vlog



RelayX, Dot, Handcash, MoneyButton, SimplyCash, Volt

There are several others we are excited about, but can’t quite add to the list just yet as many are still in private beta or unannounced. Be sure to keep tabs on the upcoming Coingeek conference to learn about the hackathon entries competing for a massive prize pool. There are some seriously impressive projects being showcased this time around as the ecosystem begins to mature and many new tools become available to developers.